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Saint-Emilion, the heart of French wines

Scodex Wines is a wine merchant branch of Maison Galhaud establish at the Manoir located in the center of Saint Emilion city. Throughout the time the city has attracted lot of interest around the world, especially among the wines lovers such that in 1999 Saint Emilion has been put by UNESCO at World Heritage.

the history

The history timeline of Scodex Wines

Everything started long time ago when Leon Galhaud decided in 1901 to create the comapany “Maison Galhaud”.

Young agriculture engineer from Montpellier Leon Galhaud mixed the vine Vinifera with the American plant in order to fight against the phylloxera and produce a quality wine. Leon Galhaud has been one of the most important persons for the creation at the Saint Emilion.

One century later, Maison Galhaud remains a family story. Jean Francois Galhaud is the director and winemaker of it and has also created the branch Scodex Wines. He is also president of the appellation of Saint Emilion, Pomerol & Fronsac and vice president of the Bordeaux wines federation.

Leon Galhaud
Jean–Jacques Galhaud ( 1911 – 2001 )
Jean François Galhaud
famous wine

Grand vin MOULIN GALHAUD - Saint Emilion Grand Cru

From the best part of the terroir, the great wine ' Moulin Galhaud ' is produce in limited quantities. It come up as the greatest wine from the designation. Harvest are realiez by hand in tray, followed by a rigorous selection of the grape on a table of optical sorting.
Ageing 18 months in 100 % of New French oack barrels this wine is amazing; Powerful & silky this wine is elegant and magic.

Galhaud's Wines

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Discover the image of the Family Galhaud through this marvelous Saint Emilion Grand Cru.


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